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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 26, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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that video. the shooter identified as vester flanagan was a former reporter at the station and went by the on-air name of bryce williams. after leading police on a high- speed pursuit, he shot himself and died at the hospital later. >> at some point in his life it would appear things were spiraling out of control. >> reporter: both parker and ward reportedly had run-ins with flanagan when he worked at the station. flanagan's facebook and twitter accounts were taken down. but before they were, tweets appeared minutes after the shooting. one said that a report was filed with the u.s. equal employment opportunity commission against parker over racist comments. another said that ward went to the station's human resources office, quote, after working with me one time. general manager jeffrey marks says those claims were examined and dismissed. the station let flanagan go in 2013. >> after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we
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dismissed him. and he did not take that well. >> reporter: abc news says it received a 23-page fax from someone claiming to be flanagan. the writer said that he was attacked for being a gay black man, the fax also referring to the june church shooting in charleston, south carolina saying the cheat shooting was the tipping point. he said i have been a human powder keg for a while just waiting to go boom! the subject of the tv interview the woman being interviewed there vicki garner was wounded in the back and is expected to recover. but such a waste of life two talented people and so young. >> thank you. we are learning even more about that gunman. vester lee flanagan grew up in oakland and attended skyline high school. he graduated from sf state in 1995 with his degree in radio
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and television and worked here at kpix 5 in 1996 as a production assistant and before that he was an intern in our newsroom. kpix 5's joe vazquez continues our coverage. he is in vallejo in front of the flanagan family home. joe. >> reporter: in fact, his father and some other family members live here in vallejo. he spent a couple of years here a few years ago and i tell you, we've talked to a couple of people who knew him. they said he was soft-spoken and this whole thing is out of character. >> we grew up together. >> reporter: virgil parker is a life-long friend. the families have been neighbors in oakland since the '70s. >> well spoken, polite, educated. >> reporter: he can't believe the neighborhood he knew would do anything like that gunning down a news crew live on tv. >> vester? little vester? no. i mean, it's right now i can't wrap my head around it right now it's a nightmare. >> reporter: in 2000, flanagan
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under the tv name of bryce williams was fired from a tv station in florida. he sued them for racial discrimination. between jobs, he was living here in vallejo. >> unbelievable. i just -- i -- i would never expect anything from -- expect him to do this. >> reporter: he describes vester as a gentle giant who also went by the name mark when he lived down the street a few years ago. his father, vester flanagan, sr., was an athlete, played football for humboldt state and then the green bay packers in 1961. he owns several homes on this block and other family members live here, as well. >> i feel bad for them. i'm a little sad right now. i think everybody knows "mark" is sad right now. >> reporter: all right. there's a little bit of activity right now here -- this is a couple of family homes you might see some photographers here to my left. a person just arrived saying they are going to read a statement by the family. we are going to hustle over
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there and put our camera in front of them, as well. we'll bring that to you as soon as we can. >> thank you, joe vazquez in vallejo. allison paek and adam ward are being remembered by their colleagues -- alison parker and adam ward are being remembered by colleagues as special people who could brighten up a room. adam was described as a happy go lucky guy evening during the early-morning hours. alison parker was dating a station anchor chris hurst. his facebook today was flooded with photos. hurst says they never shared it publicly but the two were very much in love and had just moved in together. in a facebook post, hurst said, she was the most radiant woman i ever met. adam ward was also in a relationship at the station. he was engaged to the morning show producer who witnessed the shooting from the station's control room. >> they did great work every day and put their all into what they did and i'm going to miss them. >> i heard one of my colleagues
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say allison was ambitious but in a good way not ambitious to climb over people but ambitious to be successful with whatever it is she was assigned. adam, um, was a wonderful person to be around. consistently positive. >> after the shooting the station we had to, we love you, alison and adam. we have a lot more information on the shooting on our website including the full interview with the gunman's bay area neighbor and all online at we have some breaking news in the south bay. a pair of very smoky fires first eight strip mall on lawrence expressway near white oakland lane in santa clara. chopper 5 above the scene and you can see how badly damaged that building is. we have also seen a gas main that was feeding this fire earlier. busy freeway that runs alongside the mall is shut downright now. flames still coming from the roof. it is rush hour so traffic is being affected in that
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neighborhood. several businesses appear to be completely burned-out there. we have a crew on the way. we hope to bring you more details as soon as we get them and this fire also going strong for a time. this is a townhouse on waterton lane near berryessa in san jose. major damage here as well and a lot of smoke. no word on injuries. more breaking news in the south bay now. a grand jury has indicted former 49ers star ray mcdonald on one count of raping a woman and the d.a. is charging ahmad brooks with sexual battery. both incidents hooped at a party at mcdonald's san jose home last december. the woman went public with her charges appearing alongside attorney gloria allred. she claims she was raped after she slipped and fell by mcdonald's pool. brooks was charged with sexual battery for allegedly groping the same woman during the incident. mcdonald was cut from the 49ers earlier. no word on brooks' status with the team after this. san francisco city leaders doing some damage control. they are trying to ease concerns about tourists
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becoming targets for criminals. this comes after a tourist from thailand was robbed and shot near lombard street yesterday. the suspect stole a camera and then police on a chase. the two men were caught in the east bay. police chief greg suhr says his officers were in the right place at the right time and people should not be worried. >> this is not a crime that's common in this area. thankfully. i think sending a clear message as they say number one to turn to crime is fear of being caught. >> part of the crackdown includes targeting property crimes in the russian hill neighborhood. >> i'm angry about the property crimes that are occurring in the district. you know, i'm angry about homelessness and graffiti. all of these things add to the impression that we are not in control. so i think it's very, very important that we control these things. >> the tourist is expected to be okay after being shot. the police chief says they are working on a plan that includes adding more officers to the
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force. new details tonight on the deadly shooting of a tourist at pier 14 in san francisco. it came out during a hearing on whether the suspect should face murder charges. kpix 5's cate caugiran has the new information on the bullet that struck kate steinle. cate. >> reporter: the defense attorney in this case says this detail is key in their argument that the shooting was accidental. today several experts testified that the bullet recovered from the crime scene was damaged on one side a ballistics making note saying it hit a hard surface or metal. one thing both sides went back and forth on was whether or not the gun in this case misfired. the assistant district attorney in this case argues because the gun was well maintained and belonged to a federal agent that it was less likely to misfire. tomorrow the defense plans to call one more witness another ballistics expert that can challenge that argument. whether or not this detail or this new detail will affect the
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charges we will -- have yet to see. tomorrow's preliminary hearing will start at 10 a.m. cate caugiran, kpix 5. he came home to a heroes welcome but the sacramento state student who stopped a terror attack is staying humble. >> kind of overwhelmed. i didn't expect all this. >> why the mayor had one small bone to pick with his wardrobe. >> silicon valley rents so high, the new school chief in town can't afford to live here. and he is getting a million- dollar head start. >> a dangerous rescue to reach a woman who fell down a bay area cliff. but that was nothing compared but that was nothing compared to saving her two pit bulls. ,,,
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leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. sacramento is honoring a hometown hero who helped take down an armed gunman on a train in france. mayor kevin johnson thanked anthony sadler and presented him with a sacramento kings
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jersey. the mayor noticed a picture of sadler wearing a lakers jersey and decided that he needed a wardrobe update. sadler didn't have much to say during the ceremony but he described the last few days as being crazy. >> kind of overwhelming for me. didn't expect all this to happen. but, um, i just appreciate you all for coming and it's good to be home. >> sadler is a student at sacramento state. these were his first public remarks since returning to the u.s. the man accused of trying to carry out the train attack in the meantime now is facing terrorism charges. ayoub el-khazzani was led into a courtroom in paris barefoot and blindfolded. he also faces numerous charges of attempted murder and weapons possession. prosecutors say he was carrying 270 rounds of ammunition and was planning on killing everyone on board. another dead whale has turned up in bay area waters this time in alameda in the
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marina village area. the 35-foot whale was spotted wedged under the dock. no one could recall seeing a dead whale in the oakland estuary. there have been others on northern california beaches this summer. three washed ashore in pacifica and another dead whale a fourth in half moon bay. a pair of aggressive pit bulls got if the way of crews this morning -- got in the way of crews this morning trying to rescue a woman who fell off a cliff in daly city and the woman and her boyfriend fell more than 100 feet off the cliff while walking the dogs. the man climbed up but the woman was stuck. crews had trouble reaching her because the dogs were ferocious. our cameras were there when she was brought to safety. >> thank you. you must be very worried. >> yeah. i'm worried about, um, you know, my boyfriend. i'm worried about my dogs. >> woman and her friend were unhurt. one of the dogs' legs was injured. he is the top dog in a bay
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area school district. but right now, he is technically homeless. welcome to silicon valley. the absurd new example of how hard it is to afford living in the bay area. >> and a recall runaround. a driver takes a jeep in for a safety defect only to be told the fix is useless. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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todayed rebound on -- today the rebound on wall street held the dow up 620. the third biggest single day point gain in history. all the markets shook off the six-day nosedive. nasdaq up more than 191. the s&p was up nearly 73. a tough lesson in real estate reality for a bay area educator. kpix 5's len ramirez says the new palo alto school superintendent can't afford to live here. len. >> reporter: veronica, it has been very well documented how high bay area home prices have been so hard on people on the lower end of the economic scale. workers that can't afford to live here. now even a top wage earner can scarcely afford the city of palo alto. when the palo alto school district gave their new superintendent glen mcgee a loan to buy a house it was a dream offer. >> the initial offer when i
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first signed my contract was a million-dollar interest-free loan and it was a very generous offer. >> reporter: but in pricy palo alto, this midwest transplant quickly got a silicon valley sticker shock. >> it sounds silly to say but there's nothing for under a million dollars. >> reporter: there is this house that just came on the market listed at $998,000. but it will set off a bidding war that will push the price to over a million dollars even though it's only 760 square feet. >> palo alto prices have absolutely gone through the roof even by bay area standards. >> reporter: he markets homes in the area and is currently listing the teen of home that would be a fit for the superintendent who makes well over $300,000 a year and wants space for his extended family but this is in the 5 millions. who can afford that?! >> we are relegated to marketing mostly to tech buyers or international buyers. people on a salary can't afford palo alto. >> reporter: mcgehee went back to the board and got his housing loan increased to $1.5 million but that's not even
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enough. this very ordinary home on a busy street is 1.6. he says he will resist the temptation to look outside of palo alto because he wants to live within the district boundaries. so he will probably settle for a cramped condo. >> i think it's a good investment. we want to put down roots. but it really is, you know, frankly cost prohibitive to try to do -- it was for to us try to do this on our own. >> reporter: here's a bit of irony. the better the job the superintendent does, the more he will price himself out of palo alto. because we all know that the quality of the school district in palo alto does have a very high quality school district. the higher the prices. so the better the job the superintendent is doing, the higher the prices the less even he can afford it. reporting live in palo alto, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the $1.5 million offered to the superintendent is a loan which must be paid back within a year after mcgehee leaves the district. a student says she was
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sexual assaulted on a north bay campus. it happened last week at the santa rosa junior college. woman says a man wearing a mask came into the women's restroom at barnett hall and then raped her. the suspect described about a5'10", stocky build wearing all black and fled on foot. the crime of opportunity caught on camera in san francisco. a man went into a market on fillmore street and made off with $33,000 cash found in the back unlocked office. he was in and out in less than a minute. this is what the chp says it found inside an oakland man's car in a traffic stop in cloverdale. 225 pounds of marijuana. the officer had originally pulled the man over for speeding. a final look at the last few remnants of candlestick park. chopper 5 over the old stadium this morning with the final phase of demolition. the development project is set
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to be built there. it will include 10,000 new homes, many going to be designated affordable housing. another coup for san jose mineta. nonstop service will be from san jose to heathrow in london on board british air's boeing 797 dreamliner. it's the first transplantic service from mineta which has nonstop trance pacific to tokyo and beijing. the new service starts next spring. >> london calling. >> if you want to cool off, london is the spot. nine days out of ten. >> more fog than us? >> we didn't have any fog today. it's weird. all that matters is that onshore flow. >> we have had really nice weather. >> it's been pleasant. dependenting what your tolerance for heat is we may leave that pleasant zone tomorrow. it will be hot. right now it's hazy, fog-free
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in san francisco. london is hoarding all the fog hence the name. 80 right now in oakland. 80 san jose. 89 santa rosa. 68 san francisco. tonight about 60 humid and cloudy. warmer overnight temperatures. still two big weather players and the pattern is amplified. sometimes we have a zonal flow where the jet stream rides across the area. there is a kink in the jet stream. a big rise causing thunderstorms over the intermountain west. for us the dominant weather factor for tomorrow and most of friday will be that ridge. i call it the warm before the storm. typically we draw up warm area before a low pressure system moves in because winds go counselor clockwise around low pressure. hot away from the water.
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low pressure will sit offshore and stay sitting offshore for a week. it will be markedly cooler weather. a taste of fall, which is not cold for us but it will be cooler. all indications are the rainfall that we have been discussing will stay to the north of san jose, to the north of napa, and even perhaps to the north of clearlake and ukiah. beneficial rainfall for far northern california. but for us here, we are talking about cooler weather, yes, rainfall likely not. so we are warmer than average through friday. couple of north bay showers far north bay. you may get a sprinkling or two or saturday but the big pattern change is fall-like temperatures beginning this weekend and lasting into next week. concord tomorrow toasty 95 degrees 8 degrees above average santa clara 88 redwood city milpitas right around 90 degrees dublin 93. pleasant hill 96. richmond 80 warm for you. san francisco 78.
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mill valley 91. plenty hot in cloverdale 93. look at the change starting saturday. no more 90s. barely into the 80s. by the middle of next week, we won't even hit 80 degrees. so fall around here is not a cold season but it is a cooler season. we may be leaving summer pattern and saying hello to a fall pattern. >> we're morphing. >> thank you. have an update for outbreaking news in the south bay. that strip mall on lawrence expressway near white oak lane in santa clara. chopper 5 above this. the building almost destroyed. apparently, there's a gas main that is feeding this fire. lawrence expressway closed in both directions at reed street. that's causing a rush hour traffic mess. and, in fact, several businesses nearby appear to have been burned-out. we'll be right back. ,,
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it is estimated one in six cars on the road has been recalled leaving a lot of car owners with questions.
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but consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains getting answers can be nearly impossible. >> trailer hitch. >> reporter: al atkinson has a new trailer hitch. there's just one hitch. >> it's useless as far as towing anything. what it doesn't do is tow anything. >> reporter: back in march, atkinson got this recall notice from chrysler informing him his jeep cherokee could catch fire in a rear end collision. to reduce the risk chrysler needs to inspect his trailer hitch. he brought it the dealer. they gave him a new hitch along with had written warning not to use it. the document from the dealer clearly states, do not attempt to tow with the campaign installed trailer hitch assembly. >> asked them how can you call it a trailer hitch if you can't tow anything with it? >> reporter: he wanted to know why he was given a useless hitch. chrysler couldn't give them an
5:26 pm
answer. >> we'll note your concern. >> reporter: the california bureau of automotive repair couldn't help and neither could the national highway traffic safety administration. so he contacted consumerwatch and months after chrysler installed his new hitch, we finally got him an answer. seems the no tow warning does not apply to vehicles like his that already have a factory tow package. but the carmaker gave the warning to anyone who responded to the recall out of a, quote, abundance of caution because the free hitch alone is not enough to safely tow. chrysler finally sent atkinson this clarification in writing which is really all he wanted. he wishes it hadn't taken five months two government agencies and a tv station to get it. the dealership said they could use the hitch. he said it never happened.,,,,,,
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i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. coming up at 6:00, beating the bumper-to- bumper traffic rush. the bay area's clocking in at one of the worst commute in the country. but soon, more people could be floating by instead. plus, a different view. why for the first time in decades we could be getting a new mountaintop to climb. join us for that and more at 6:00. thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news" is next. jane pauley is in for scott
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pelley. >> we'll see you back here at 6:00 for more local news. good night. captions by: c >> pauley: a news crew gunned down in cold blood on live tv. the killer captures the crime on video and posts it online. >> i just can't believe that she's gone. i can't. >> pauley: we look at the lives cut short and what may have driven the gunman to kill. also tonight, a strong rally ends a five-day wall street slide. trump attacks another member of the media. and a new orleans institution is 92 and still cooking. >> i'm still trying to kick it up a notch. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pauley: good evening. scott is on assignment. i'm jane pauley. and this is our western edition. once again, a deadly shooting has sent shock wavess


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